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In casa

The home with articles ranging from kitchenware to tableware, food preservation, bathroom, baby accessories, cleaning accessories, rubbish bins for waste sorting.

Fuori casa

A wide range of articles for the outdoor and leisure living: electric and passive coolboxes, coolbags, icepacks, flasks and and jugs .


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Food Box

Cantuccis with pistachio
Discover how to prepare a tasty cantuccis pistachio
Price: € 8,00
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Design Box

Practice and handsome: Conservo
Conservo are the versatile and sinuous food containers which pass from the freezer to the table and from the microwave to the fridge.
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Life Box

Cuddles in the morning!
In the morning is difficult to have time to squeeze oranges or to cook sweets…
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Eco Box

The proof of fire
Some tips for a gourmet grilled proof…
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