Born from the desire to explore the possibilities of evolution  and innovation into the cooling sector, the N-ice collection exceeds the identity of the traditional ice packs and offers new solutions and silhouettes to consumers.

We talk to Marco Maggioni, the designer of Wave.

“I was looking for a breakthrough: a tile for different uses, for indoor and outdoor, and that would allow the optimization of space and a temperature control really effective on certain articles like bottles.

And so Wave was born, a modular and decomposable tile to fit the spaces in which it is used or stored.

The alone tile works as a traditional ice pack, the three forms work perfectly, once hooked, giving life to a cylinder that perfectly embraces a bottle of wine or beer.

In the second case will conquer the table taking place of the classic ice bucket, with some advantages: Wave does not melt, not wet, and especially characterizes the table.

It is an hi-tech element, it is clean and simple  perfect for indoor and outdoor uses.”