The desire is to care for your plants: in a garden or in a flat! You’d like to do it in the best way and so below you can find several tricks to do it in a simple and natural way.

  • Fruits are an excellent and natural fertilizer: did you know that banana peels help the flowering of roses? You have to chop the banana peels, cover them with water and leave to ferment for a week to obtain a natural fertilizer to spray at the base of the plants.
  • Vegetables are also excellent. You can use the cooking water in which you boiled them (only if the water is not salty) but also prepare a vegetable peels infusion. Don’t throw the peels away but place them in a bucket, cover it with boiling water and let it sit for a night next day, filter the liquid and you will obtain a very nutritious drink for your plants!
  • Finally, the coffee and chamomile help flowering. Prepare a solution of water with a coffee teaspoon and reverse it on the roots of your flowers: the result is guaranteed! The chamomile when combined with compost facilitates the decomposition of food waste. Can you think of something more natural than the earth, the food and the chamomile?