Con.tengo, Conservo, Ermetici, Salvaroma: The range of Gio’ Style food containers counts different solutions, all of them made of the same high quality plastic and studied for food contact.

After several uses  plastic can stain.

We want  to give  you some tricks to clean the surfaces of the containers and give them back  the original shape.

  • if the container contains greased  substances,  leaves the container in soak with water and soap (or dishes soap), and rubs the inner part with a cloth (do not use a metallic sponge: you may ruin the surface!)
  • If the situation is hard (like a tomato stain) use  bicarbonate: mix the bicarbonate with water and soap and leaves the container for an entire day with the solution. The bicarbonate cleans deeply the container. As an alternative you can try with  water and a half glass of vinegar. Use the solution in the same way of the previous one ( leave the solution in the container for a day and then empty and wash it well)
  • if the problem is the bad smell (of the container), lemon is the best solution:  pass  the lemon juice on the inner surfaces and the container will return fresh as new!