Defrosting the freezer is an activity that should be conducted on a regular basis: the layer of ice that tends to form, in fact, acts as a real barrier, interfering with the proper functioning of the appliance.

Some instructions:

  1. pull the plug, so the freezer will not try to refrigerate while you are cleaning;
  2. move all the products in a coolbag with icepacks that you have previously cooled (for example, you can use an Evo or a Vela);
  3. put some dry towels at the bottom of the freezer:  they are useful to dry the water that will flow when you have begun to warm up;
  4. it’s time to melt the ice. The are many methods: from passing the hair dryer or an electric heater in front of the freezer (to avoid that the water comes into contact with the electrical cables), to lock inside a pot of boiling water. The important thing is that the ice comes off the walls or soften as much as you can afford to scrape off with a spatula or a wooden spoon;
  5. put the ice in the sink, where you’ll let dissolve, then reinsert the plug to turn the freezer and replace the products.