Reduce consumption by simplifying the lives of our appliances, why not? It is one of the green strategies to improve not only the impact on the environment, which is limited, but also the quality of our live.

Here are some tricks that will allow you to save money and to enjoy the full potential of your freezer:

  • put a plastic bottle full of water in one of the drawers and let it become ice: this solution will help to cool the environment even more, especially when you open or close the door
  • When you want to freeze something, make sure it is perfectly cold : putting hot or warm  food in the freezer increases  the temperature  and forces the freezer to consume more energy;
  • If possible, try to make sure that the freezer is not attached to the wall: behind, the air should be able to move;
  • The frost acts as a real barrier, inhibiting the proper functioning of the freezer: remove it often in order to keep the coils in perfect condition.