Water is essential for life on the planet, a valuable resource that, in the West, we often take for granted due to the fact that it is always available.

Here are some tips to reduce the waste – helping the environment, yes, but also reducing the bill.

  • Reuse is the watchword when it comes to water: for example, the one used for washing fruits and vegetables can be recycled to water the plants.
  • Similarly, collect rainwater for later use is a good idea to save water and reduce water consumption in general.
  • While we are  brushing  our teeth, soaping our hands… it is not necessary to keep the tap running. We can make all these actions with the tap closed. Open it only when it is necessary!
  • Prefer a shower to the bath is another way to reduce your water consumption.
  • Posting an encumbrance in the case of the toilet, it makes sure that the toilet discharges a minor amount of water.