For us of Gio’Style, Valentine’s Day is an occasion: a moment to stop and think about how special is who share with us Sundays on the couch, the smiles of sons and grandparents, the kitchen mess, silences, sleep  and long chats in the middle of the night to calm anxiety, pain, or only because something good will happen.

We believe  in this day, the only important thing is thought, the creative idea that allows us to transform an everyday object in something new – as well as love allows us to make sense of all days, thanks to the nearness of right person.

We have imagined it would be nice to be able to keep the most beautiful moments of a story as you keep pasta or candies: they just need a clean and safe haven that protects them from the outside for long.

And we did it: a picture of a stolen moment, embraced by our circular [[69+Con.tengo]]. This is our perfect gift.

And about yours?