When you bought it you thought to its strength and its beauty, not its maintenance… Rings left by hard water, stubborn stain, risk of scratches caused by aggressive cleaners: All problems that those who have a sink in stainless steel faces daily.

What to do? There is no need to spend hours to rub or spend astronomical sums in specific detergents.

Here are some all-natural solutions to mantain your steel bright, sanitized and long lasting:

  • Vinegar: Dampen a soft cloth with white vinegar and use it on the surface of the sink, even the most stubborn dirt will disappear in a heartbeat!
  • Olive oil or baby oil: on a soft cloth, it will be used to remove stains and polish your steel. It only takes a few drops, so do not abound! Finally, dry it with a dry cloth: shine like never before.
  • Flour or baking soda : Just a dusting of flour or baking soda, which you’ll rub lightly with a soft, dry cloth in the first case, with a moist cloth in the second:  you’ll see the result!