The greeting scout is “good road”, and that’s what all parents wish for their children when they accompany them on their entry into the world.

Being part of the scouts has always been an opportunity for growth and self-discovery, an opportunity to learn the ways to live together in large groups and the laws of nature: a wonderful experience for young people who face life.

To equip your child the best, you can rely on Gio’Style, outdoor specialist, which offers products for all needs and with different degrees of specialization.

We point out the new range Explora : the indestructible canteen, perfect for young explorers, as well as the insulated food keeper, ideal for keeping warm the lunch, and boxy, the convenient insulated bag, roomy but compact, with removable padding to the task.

Missing anything? Of course: uniform, baseball hat, handkerchief, hiking boots and the map of the woods. Good road!