There are those who want it all white, who all red, who does the same tree every year and who is looking for new decorations every December.

There are those who place a freshly cut fir at home or in a pot, fight for a few weeks against needles and then transfer it into the garden, and those who prefer spectacular plastic firs that seem more real than those of the forest.

There are those who require it huge (otherwise it is not Christmas) and those who are content with dwarf trees.

There are those who consider the decoration a real ritual, involve the whole family with a soundtrack theme, and those who prepare it when the house is empty and give a surprise to everyone else.

We have chosen a gigantic, plastic (but true inside) tree, and we wanted it the brightest possible: instead of the usual balls we hung our Drop, along with crystals and bows, all perfect for grasping light reflections of the lights.

And You, what kind of tree do you prefer?