What do you think to welcome the spring with an outdoor snack?
There is everything you need: sun, the spring breeze, and the desire to spend outdoor time.

The hot season is not arrived yet, and so we prefer staying in the porch, on the balcony, in the garden but with a shawl on the shoulders or the jacket near us.
The important thing is stay outdoor!

The outdoor time is a surprise after several cold months .
You need few things: friend, a pitcher of lemonade or juice and some [[69+Con.tengo]] with a variety of appetizers.

We prefer the classic appetizer : olive, peanuts, pizzas, pieces of cheese and caramelized fruits (we are not able to give up the sweet!).
No problem for carrying: the Contengo closing is perfect with an airtight lid with silicone sealing bands that preserves the freshness and flavour of your delicious foods.