Have you thought about Christmas gifts?

If you are not among those who begin in early November to draw up long lists of names and of gift ideas, of addresses to which to send greeting cards, welcome to the club of latecoming.

We mean by “latecoming” those who spend their last moments in shops looking the perfect little thought and idea tailored to those who receive the gift.

Small consolation: it’s not too late! That’s why we have prepared some suggestions:

    • for the traveler : Drop, to maintain the temperature of whatever needs cold, in a microscopic space;
    • for the wine lover: Wave, a wave of frost that replaces with style the ice bucket on the table and it is a good solution to keep cool the bottle during the picnic;
    • for the master chef: ForMe spoonrest, one product for thousand functions – from the spoon to the support, from the plate for finger food to decoration for the table;
    • for workers with little time for lunch: Buon Appetito, a container specifically designed for the meal at the office, with space for two courses and cutlery set;
  • for the greedy ones: Contengo containers full of goodness – maybe biscuits or breadsticks made with your hands, or (why not) delicacies that you  find in the market.

What is missing? Well, it’s easy: ribbons and bows. But this is your touch, right?