Conservo comes into the  Italian homes , the innovative and versatile food container , created by Gio’Style , which goes from the freezer to the table with a “click”.

Designed to keep in the freezer cooked dishes, Conservo allows to bring to the table ready meals. Just a “click” to open the valve on the lid of the container.

The valve  allows you to put the container into the microwave from the freezer. Thanks to its modern and functional design, once the cover is off, Conservo can be used as a dish: 1L version is ideal for meat and second dishes, the 1.4L version is designed to contain two servings of pasta or risotto.
The 1.5L format, slightly more deep is perfect for soups, in one or more portions.

It’s also suitable to carry and eat lunch in the office. Made of polypropylene, Conservo  keeps  food in the freezer at -40 degrees, in the microwave to a maximum of 400 W , and it is washed in the dishwasher up to 90°.

Like all its plastic containers, Gio’Style has taken great care to make Conservo with bpa free raw materials (without Bisphenol A: a polymer that is potential harmful to human health ) in this way Gio’Style has proved, once, attention to the health of its consumers.