Gio’Style is the official partner of “Vivere a Spreco Zero”, the information campaign against food waste that has been dealing with the issue of food waste since 2010. The campaign “Vivere a Spreco Zero” has committed itself to the proclamation of a National Day of food waste prevention, that took place on February 5th, 2014.
The diaries of waste published in February show the situation of Italian homes, where every day 100.1 grams of food per person are tossed. Every year we throw 36.92 kg of edible food for a total cost of € 250/year. Every family throws 84.9 kg of food during the year and at national level we waste 2.2 million tons of food for a total cost of € 8.5 billion.
Gio’Style has always been sensitive to the food waste issue and has always been committed to help people to store food in the best possible way.