Gio’Style Ciao! M is the new portable colorful and practical coolbox designed for the best space/fill/portability relation. The coolbag Gio’Style Ciao! M is available in three attractive colors: lime, red and orange. The peculiarity of the cover is the ability to use the back side as a tray that is arranged with glasses door sections. Gio’Style Ciao! M is equipped with an expanded polystyrene insulation. It includes a Gio’Style 1 L food container . This new coolbox has a compact size but it is very capacious: it has a maximum capacity of 22,5 liters, it can fit 36 cans. At the beach, on the mountains, at the lake or for a picnic with friends use Gio’Style Ciao! Available in red, yellow and blue variants.

Dimensions: 38x25x38cm
Weight: 2,68kg
Capacity: 22,5 L