It can can hold 2-liter bottles upright, operate with both 12 V (car) and 230V (home). It is made in polypropylene and it is suitable for food contact, Shiver 30 A+++ has a capacity of 30 litres (it contains up to 46 cans) and guarantees performance of cooling up to 18° C below the ambient air temperature Today in A+++ energy class. The led button of the top of the lid allows you to use the electrobox in 3 different modalities, only if it works in 230:  “PLUS” mode with red led  for a highest cooling power , “COOL” mode: orange led, for a intermediate cooling power, “ECO” mode: green led (Energy Class A+++) minimum cooling power for a maximum energy saving.              
DIMENSIONS 39,5×29,5×53.5 cm | 4,70 kg | 30 L Manual