Practicality and style with Active

The Active by Gio 'Style line was born thinking of those who live outdoors, including walks, excursions and sports. Its shapes allow for practicality in any situation, without ever forgetting the style that distinguishes us.

The ideal companion for your weekend getaways: Brio

The Brio line of electric refrigerators easy to carry to accompany you in every situation: weekends by the sea, camping, long car trips with those you love.



The Outdoor line by Gio 'Style dedicated to those who love to travel, discover, experience moments with those they love outdoors.

Portable refrigerators, thermal bags, water bottles and many other products that have accompanied young and old during their days and passions since the 1960s. Comfort, flexibility and innovation are the cornerstones at the heart of Outdoor by Gio 'Style products.



The Indoor line by Gio 'Style is characterized by products designed to store food and drinks in total safety, considerably reducing waste and consumption.

At the heart of the Indoor category is tradition, which has characterized Gio 'Style for more than 70 years, but at the same time each line is innovative and contemporary, to get closer to the needs of the whole family.

Products of the month

Horizon refrigerator
Double power supply

Horizon electric refrigerator ideal for weekends out of town and in the car for family trips. Cools down to -18 °.
Dual power supply: 230V AC for home and 12V DC for vehicles.

Boxy + Large Thermal Bag

Boxy + Large cooler bag with exclusive and trendy decorations.
Ideal for consumers who never give up on style and love being outdoors. Ideal for transporting and keeping food and drinks fresh.

Thermal Energy Bottle 0.5L

Energy thermal bottle with 304 steel interior, exterior in modern colors and adaptable to any need: green, blue, yellow and red. 

Reusable and free of bisphenols.
Able to maintain the ideal temperature for a long time both of drinks fresche that hot.

Blog & Recipes

Gio 'Style and the iconic history of the bottle

Gio 'Style still today, after more than 70 years, is one of the leaders in the outdoor market and, in 1949, the year of the brand's birth, was a precursor of the growing needs of the population after the economic boom, creating some of its products iconic such as water bottles and portable refrigerators, useful for those who love to live outdoors.

We all remember, if we think of our trips out of town, at least one iconic Gio 'Style product that was our companion on beautiful summer days and beyond. Today the iconicity of Gio 'Style, with the bottles with a vintage design and bright colors is constantly renewed without ever losing that attentive eye to tradition, a fundamental value of the brand.

A quick and easy paella with Gio 'Style

Are you passionate about the art of cooking and are you looking for the perfect ally to create delicious, simple and quick dishes for your family?

Gio 'Style is the right solution for your recipes!

Let's now prepare a simple and quick version of Paella, a typical Spanish dish that usually takes a long time but, if you follow a few tricks, it can be prepared in a short time while having fun.