Gio 'Style still today, after more than 70 years, is one of the leaders in the outdoor market and, in 1949, the year of the brand's birth, was a precursor of the growing needs of the population after the economic boom, creating some of its products iconic such as water bottles and portable refrigerators, useful for those who love to live outdoors.

We all remember, if we think of our trips out of town, at least one iconic Gio 'Style product that was our companion on beautiful summer days and beyond. Today the iconicity of Gio 'Style, with the bottles with a vintage design and bright colors is constantly renewed without ever losing that attentive eye to tradition, a fundamental value of the brand.


Could this be the strong point that won the design award at the Water Bottle Award at Fuorisalone 2021?


Probably yes, because once again tradition has won over the new, once again those memories of family outings have ensured that Gio 'Style is reconfirmed as the leader in the outdoor sector.

An honor for Gio 'Style to have won the design award at the first exhibition dedicated entirely to the water bottle, a symbol of those who are attentive to the environment and reuse, characteristics that fully distinguish the philosophy of Gio' Style which has focused on products from the very beginning. reusable and durable over time, so as to significantly reduce waste and get closer to the needs of consumers, making their days simple, whether they are in complete relaxation or full of work commitments to cope with.

Gio 'Style water bottles are iconic, each different and special of its kind, each adaptable to any need and personality, but all with a common denominator: practicality.


And what is meant by practicality today?


Exactly what was meant 70 years ago: a capacious, resistant and easy to carry bottle, which is thanks to a strap and a silicone band as in the case of water bottles. Easygrip, or thanks to a comfortable adjustable shoulder strap such as water bottles Fiesta, which reflect the style and shape of the iconic water bottles of the beginnings.


And now let's take a step back, how was the bottle born?


The first water bottle was invented in 1860, then made of wood, by Pietro Guglielminetti, a creative who owned a small industry producing wooden materials for the army.

The Guglielminetti water bottle was a small portable wooden container, which with the help of a strap could be easily transported keeping the water fresh during the day.

Many years have passed since that distant 1860, but once again, in 2021, the importance of the water bottle has not changed and, on the contrary, has assumed an ever greater value by expanding the target, arriving to involve ever higher segments of the population, especially in a historical period, like the current one, where the concept of sustainability is increasingly present.

Even Gio 'Style, although mostly using plastic to produce its objects, year after year renews its commitment to sustainability, trying to introduce new materials to replace plastic or to use forms of recycled plastic, to raise awareness among consumers towards a more informed use and zero waste.

This is the reason that prompted Gio 'Style to participate in the #lamiaborraccia project with BWT, and in the consequent Water Bottle Award competition, to show everyone that the bottle, one of the iconic elements of the brand, is today one of the symbols of those who want protecting the environment is a conscious gesture towards the environment around us for ourselves and for future generations.

And you, were you aware of this award and this exhibition?

How do you act towards the environment?

Discover with Gio 'Style how to make your habits zero waste for you and your family.