The golden years

The brand Gio 'Style born in second after war to produce the plastic components of the first refrigerators. Its success with the general public comes soon after, together with the "boom" of plastic in the household products and for the picnic.

More than 70 years after those beginnings, Gio 'Style is today the best known brand in the sector, of which it holds significant stakes. Its leadership is unchallenged especially in the categories of food containers, from the thermal bags and gods portable refrigerators, in which a careful eye on design is never lacking.

Tradition, innovation And family are the strengths of the success signed by Gio 'Style.


Gio 'Style is born.
In the following years, thanks to the intuition of the role of plastic in domestic uses, the foundations were laid for a success that will leave its mark on the industrial history of our country.


Gio 'Style reaches a position of absolute pre-eminence on the Italian market and expands on the international market.


In these years the brand reaches the period of greatest expansion, economic and image success in the history of Gio 'Style.
The airtight containers for food take on a strong value on the market revolutionizing the traditional concept of food preservation.


A brand repositioning program is started by building Gio 'Style Lifestyle spa


Ordinett is acquired, becoming an integral part of the group's business plan. Ordinett is believed to be fundamental to achieving corporate objectives. 
Today it has been a leading player in the international storage market for more than 45 years.