Camping and outdoor accessories
Gio’Style accompanies you out of the house and helps you carry the flavors of your kitchen with you. In fact, for years Gio’Style has been offering a wide range of products designed for storing your food, even outside the home.

In warmer months, you will need to maintain food fresh. For this reason and for many years, Gio’style has been offering its elegant insulated coolers, low power consumption electric coolers and cooler boxes, called ‘passive refrigerators’ because they need to be used with ice blocks.

Our offer is full of the most common camping accessories such as trash bins, lunch boxes as well as dishes, glasses, flatware and cups. You can find all these useful and practical accessories wrapped up in a single solution: “Explora”, a practical and revolutionary picnic set.

Together with the practical aluminum water bottle, there are coolers with faucets, elegant insulated coolers and classic water bottles. All these products will also help you keep drinks warm during the colder periods of the year.

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