The Contengo containers are members of Forme’s: they are designed to optimize the space inside your kitchen.
They are stackable, the closing is perfect and the quality of them is by Gio’ Style.

We talk about them with the designer  Marco Maggioni.
Gio’Style produces food containers since its inception: the Con.tengo container wich is born in 2013 is  the result not only of a design studio, but of decades business experience in this field.
They are an extension of the family, from the design point of view: the Forme motif is shown only by a gloss finishing on the lid.

The intent was to create a  minimalist  and chic product,  fascinating for its beauty and for its plus points:

  • Transparency: Contengo  looks like a glass containers ;
  • The proof infiltration closure, which keep the aroma of all content;
  • The stackability: of the rectangular base and of the round base.

The Con.tengo containers allow you to organize the space in the pantry and in the kitchen at the best.