We usually use the term “take away ” to indicate the food we bring  home from the restaurant. But that food could also take the opposite path: from home to outside, for example to the office.

Consuming a lunch ready and brought from home in the workplace is a real trend that, already widespread in Northern Europe, has also reached Italy. Gio’Style has  proposed a good solution.

Marco Maggioni, the designer, tells us about the birth of  Buon Appetito .

The desire to eat healthy and balanced foods or, simply, to save money, leads many people to prepare at home the lunch that will be consumed in the office the next day. For this reason we proposed in contemporary terms the classic “mess tin “, making it pleasing to the eye and functional for this specific use .

Buon Appetito is large enough to accommodate a copious dose of what you prefer , from pasta to salad. In addition, we have created a removable separating dish that allows you to bring two-courses meal. Here you find the cutlery set: we thing that it is very  important to put the set in plain sight , just to indicate the specificity of the product.

Buon Appetito has an hermetic lid  guaranteed by four closing flaps and by a silicone seal made ​​with a co-molding process. Thanks to this system, it is easily transportable, without the risk of spills of ingredients or seasonings.

Buon Appetito is white, like a plate, and has a clear lid so that people can see what is inside .

To emphasize the sinuosity of its shape I chose the green colour, as the logo Gio’Style, so that its contemporary can lead a sign of the tradition from which it comes.