Born from the desire to explore the possibilities of evolution and innovation in the field of cooling, the collection N-Ice exceeds the identity of the traditional standardized icepacks and offers new solutions and silhouette, specially designed to provide an efficient response to the different needs of consumers.

Let’s talk of Drop with its creator, the designer Marco Maggioni.

Drop means “drops“, and that’s exactly what they want to be: drops of cold, for those who needs to effectively control the temperature in smaller environments.

I imagine them as river pebbles hi-tech, essential and refined.

The uses are endless, from maintaining the ideal temperature for medicinal products or, why not, creams, cosmetics in  beauty case or hand luggage that we carry in the cabin on low-cost flight, to cooling a bottle of wine or champagne in the glacette.

Of course they can be used in a more traditional way, in the coolboxes or in the coolbags to maximize the available space.