They are present in most of our homes, the Gio’Style hermetic containers were recently the subject of a renewal in terms of design.

We talk to the designer Marco Maggioni about it.

The Gio’Style hermetic containers are a timeless classic : the most recent interventions on their design have tried to make them even more recognizable and more efficient from the technical point of view , to garantee the highest quality for the customer.

This is evident in the transparency of the polypropylene container , this transparency has been increased significantly compared to previous versions, in order to give  the container the advantage of greater visibility inside.

The polyethylene lids, then, are all new: they are blue and green to evoke the idea of ​​freshness, but also to refer to a world of natural and healthy foods and to emphasize the link with the brand Gio’Style, marked by a green sign on a black background, also shown on the black label, also recently redesigned to re-assign the authorship of these containers to the brand that created them.