Presented at Spoga, the international exhibition of outdoor held in Cologne in September 2012, the collections Explora, Sahara and Shiver follow the latest fashion trends.

Marco Maggioni, the designer, tells us their story

The outdoor world of Gio’Style has always been composed of a large variety of models and products to meet all your needs – from those of the amateur camper or those organizing a picnic on Sunday, to those who need high-performance items.

The real news that we presented at Spoga in 2012 was the creation of a common thread between objects: for the first time we have grouped the products in coordinated ranges, with a strong aesthetic feature.

All the ranges include existing items (from the dishes to the food keeper, from  the jugs to the coolboxes), revisited in a new light.

Designed for summer 2013, Explora and Sahara are decorations that are completely different from the traditional Gio’Style taste to approach the world of fashion.

Explora is a modern camouflage in army colour, which give almost an idea of urban warfare for survival. Wearing the bags and backpack, our customers may feel travelers, adventurous people.

Sahara, an aggressive animal decoration declined in shades of orange, is very trendy, it is created for the persons who feel explorers of space and are able to imagine the jungle also on the shore of Riccione: this is the challenge.