Conservo are the versatile and sinuous food containers by Gio’Style which pass from the freezer to the table and from the microwave to the fridge.

This is a revolutionary idea in the food container sector, we want to speak about them with Marco Maggioni the designer.

The Conservo food containers are my masterpieces: their shape is like a wave, the opaque white is like the colour of white pottery and they are suitable to be used like a platters or soup plates.

This is because I have wanted them in three sizes: the 1 l is suitable for a food portion, the 1.4 l is perfect for  a main platter or a soup plate, the 1.5 l is perfect for second dishes.

The beauty of Conservo depends on the functionality: the valve on the transparent lid allows the safety use from the freezer to microwave, to defreeze and cook it without dirty the microwave! It is fantastic,  essential and practice, isn’t it?