Born from the desire to explore the possibilities of evolution and innovation in the field of cooling, the collection N-Ice exceeds the identity of the traditional standardized icepacks and offers new solutions and silhouette, specially designed to provide an efficient response to the different needs of consumers.

Let’s talk of Slim, the third of Marco Maggioni’s  creations.

Slim is the less innovative item of Nice collection, Drop is an absolutely new, Wave is an original solution, for cooling bottle, Slim looks like a classic ice pack but with many advantages.

At the first the design: Slim has a simple and minimal shape, it is clean and without unnecessary things.

It is compact and thin like a bottle of wine or water, to guarantee an uniformity of cooling  of all  the surface but to give the possibility to realize solid dividers into a cold-box.

Slim helps us to organize new spaces, it is more efficient than a standard solution.