Minimal and elegant, the collection Shiver coolboxes stands out for its technical design and excellent performance. The coolbags are PVC free, this has no effect on their strength, which is guaranteed by high quality materials.

We have discussed about this range with the designer, Marco Maggioni.

Shiver was born in 2012 as a response of high technology to combine a request for high performance product with the design. It is characterized by a light gray profiled in black, which reflects light as if it were steel: the collection is addressed to an expert audience, so we decided to give it a more sober and severe feature than Explora or Sahara, which instead are designed for an amateur public.

From a technical perspective, a new highlight is on the lid of the coolbag. I wanted change the appearance of the fan (it draws air from above and expels it out on  the side) which was at sight.

I chose these rounded shapes,  they seem drops, to communicate the