The friends have been invited , drinks are  in the Gio’ Style  coolbox,  meat is  in front of you .
Just the last and the most delicate step  miss  to have  a perfect dinner: the cooking.
Here are some tips for a gourmet grilled proof.

The choice:
A step back: if you’re going to cook on the grill, favouring whole cuts of meat to cut once they will be cooked in order to obtain a more uniform texture. If you prefer to grill slices of meet, use the most  thick ones, so you will reduce the risk of burn them.

The treatment:
Before depositing the meat on the grill , there are two fundamental actions : the brushing and salting.
The first must be done in advance, with an oil and herbs emulsion, to soften the meat and make it more flavourful; the second just before you start cooking, to get a delicious crispy crust.

Grilling is like make a puzzle: each piece has its place. The thin slices go directly on the coals, the biggest ones should be cooked indirectly on the grid (by raising the grid), for the queens of the night (like Florentine and Chops) is indicated instead move the coals to the sides of the barbecue.
Finally, never get on the flesh of meat, the meat loses fluids and, with them, softness and nutrients.