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The Brand Gio’Style

GioStyle spa is based at Urgnano (Bergamo), in a large factory facility that covers about 90.000 square metres. It holds50 f ully operational production lines manufacturing outdoor, travel and home products.

The company Gio’Style was founded in the second post-war period to manufacture plastic parts for the very first refrigerators. Its success with the general public came soon after, along with the “boom of plastic” for use in household products (table fittings, cleaning and food boxes) and picnic items (thermos, cool bags and the like). Sixty years on from those beginnings, Gio’Style is today the most well-known company in this industry, where it has considerable holdings. Its leadership is quite undisputed in the field of food vessels, cool bags and (both electric and ice-packed) portable cool boxes.

Considerable technological expertise also enabled Gio’Style to be successful as a professional portable cool box manufacturer. Products that are born inspired by an idea, to serve a given “purpose” and standing out for an excellent design. This is the ultimate reason for Gio’Style’s success. A success that still has a long way ahead.